Desert and camel trekking

4 Days sahara desert trek

chegagaTimeless symbols of the Sahara, camel treks are an integral part of Morocco’s history and culture, and no trip to Morocco is complete without experiencing this traditional method of travel in the seductive dunes of the Sahara Desert. Spending nights under the myriad stars of the inky desert sky, our Camel Treks are specially designed to give you this once in a life time adventure with the complete peace of mind you will be travelling with drivers, guides and cooks who know the area intimately, are carefully chosen and fully licensed to work with tourists.

A unique, remote desert region, ancient home of the Ait Atta Berber nomads who have lived and traveled this area for centuries, the dunes near M’hamid give you the best opportunity to see, breathe and feel the beauty of the golden sands as they are protected wilderness, and modern development is not allowed to encroach; accommodation is only in traditional nomad type tents.

To reach this magnificent area we recommend you allow plenty of time in your itinerary as the dunes are a long days drive south from Marrakesh. For your ease of comfort, we can arrange a more leisurely trip down with overnight breaks along the way so you enjoy all the amazing scenery over the High Atlas Mountains and down through the Draa Valley. These treks can be customized to your requirements and usually run from 3 – 7 days – the choice is yours.

4 Days Trekking the sahara:

This is eco tourism at its best… we aim to take only pictures, leave only our footprints, and kill only time.

We can arrange transfer back to your accommodation.

Trip details

ready-for-desert-trekkingYour adventure to explore this beautiful area will begin at 8.00am as you leave on this once-in-a-life-time trek. Once aboard your camels, or “ships of the desert”, we make our way towards the famous big dunes of Ezzahar. After approximately 3 hours riding we break for lunch, sitting under shade trees in the typical desert oasis of Race Nkhl. After lunch, refreshing cups of Moroccan/Berber mint tea will revive you and you will be ready to continue this unforgettable journey. After another 3 hours riding and trekking, we set camp near the interesting and ancient shrine of Sidi Naji, an area with special meaning for the nomad tribes. We will camp the night here, having dinner under the dazzling desert sky.

camel-trek-zharAwake to a silent, memorable dawn, perhaps walking up the nearest dune to watch the sun rise. After breakfast, and preparing our camels for the day’s trek, we start our trip in the midst of this unique desert landscape, pacing ourselves to that of our camels as thousands of desert travellers have done before us. Our trek this morning will take us across a large part of the desert for about 3 hours. You will begin to understand the true meaning of eco tourism as we rest for lunch in the quiet of the desert, as has been done by desert travellers following these ancient routes for centuries. After lunch, we continue exploring, watching for unusual desert creatures who call this majestic landscape home. After about another 3 hours walking, we set camp in the wonderful sand dunes of Ezzahar. Enjoy a freshly prepared dinner, traditional entertainment and then sleep under the starlit sky or in your tent.

desert-at-nightAwake to take in an awe inspiring dawn, then enjoy an open air breakfast before we again load the camels and begin to make our slow way back to M’hamid – known as the Gateway to the Desert. After about 3 hours riding, we break for lunch under the welcome shade of nearby trees. As the day cools, we continue our journey towards the Erg Smer dunes where we will camp for the night in tents or under the starlit sky. Again you may take time to watch the sunset before dinner.

camels-transportationAfter another unforgettable sunrise and perhaps time for quiet reflection, your final breakfast is served again in the open air of the camp site. Afterwards, gently treading the desert sands, breathing the clean clear desert air and enjoying the sounds of silence, we make our way at camel’s pace to the Lbour area for lunch. The trek brings you back to arrive where you started from at M’hamid around 14.00p.m.

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